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 The Triple One Project  

The Triple One Project is a three phase system where users can audition and be selected as TaleN  trainees. We will be selecting a total of 111 (triple one) trainees in total. 

Phase 1: Audition

Talents login and submit audition forms. The TaleN team evaluates each submission internally, and those who are selected move into Phase 2.

Phase 2: Voting

Once a talent moves into Phase 2, they will get their own profile page, video channel and fan club.

Through their video channel and fan club, they can: 

  • Post practice/ performance videos on their own video channel 

  • Earn support funds from fans! - this will go towards paying for online/offline training on TaleN, as well as producing professional music, photo, and video content with the help of the TaleN team

  • Earn a fan following from around the globe and interact with them on their fan club!


Their audition video also will be revealed to the public on their video channel. Here, fans vote for their favorite audition video, and the top voted talents from each cohort (group of talents) move onto Phase 3 to become TaleN trainees. A total of 111 trainees (triple one) will be selected. 

Phase 3: Compete 


As trainees take online and live classes on TaleN and continue to improve, the TaleN team will evaluate their progress and abilities. Exceptional trainees will gain the opportunity to debut offline/online in a group with other trainees, or as a solo artist.

To audition, please fill out the form below and the TaleN team will email you with more detailed instructions on how to audition!

Audition consent form
English skillsEnglish skills
Korean skillsKorean skills